The best way to ease into life as a Laker is to Live Like a Laker! Our campus will be your home away from home as you work toward making your dreams 真正的!


十大正规网赌平台排名 recognized the need to provide safe and affordable housing 对于2000年代中期的学生来说. In 2007, the Board of Regents approved the University to build its first residence hall to open for the Fall 2008 semester.

湖人的大厅 houses approximately 400 new, first-time, full-time freshmen. 这个最先进的 building features four bedroom/two bath suites with kitchenettes. 此外,居民 have on-site access to study lounges, wireless high-speed internet, cable television, 洗衣设施和一间游戏室.

十大正规网赌平台排名有一个 第一年住校要求 in 湖人的大厅! It offers great amenities, such as private bedrooms, wireless access, and onsite laundry facilities, as well as a supportive community. 你可以依靠你的同伴 and also on seasoned Resident Assistants, who are happy to answer your questions and 帮助你在校园里找路!

In 2011, the University purchased Clayton Station Apartments, situated just adjacent to the 克莱顿状态 campus, which offer 2- and 4-bedroom suite-style units with private baths, full kitchen, living room, and washer and dryer. 2016年,学生和教师 voted to change the name of the apartments to 湖人村.

湖人村 is where many of our upperclassman and graduate students live. 设施包括 such conveniences as full furnishings, private washer and dryer, a full kitchen with 包括洗碗机和野餐区. Living at the Village combines the independence of living in an apartment with the convenience of living on campus, close to your 类.

You’ll be just a quick walk away from your 类 and important facilities, such 作为实验室和图书馆,以及来自 就餐地点学生活动中心. You will also find it easier to stay active and engaged with your peers 和 many events on campus that make being a Laker a one-of-a-kind experience.



Review 住房 policies using the following link:



Please read the following information carefully so that you will be off to a smooth start upon arrival. 


  • 1月5日:   入学的一天 for 湖人的大厅 and 湖人村, 9AM – 4PM. (所有住房都搬进来 fees paid ONLY and fulltime enrolled residents )
  • 1月6日:  入学的一天  for 湖人的大厅 and 湖人村 (new/returning residents), 9AM – 4PM. (搬进来… all housing fees paid ONLY and fulltime enrolled residents)


欢迎大家加入我们 via Microsoft Teams to learn more about the application process, how to select a roommate, 房间选择,以及更多. 当它可用时,单击链接加入!

要带什么 & 不要带什么

As you prepare your shopping list, we hope you find these lists helpful!






Please read the following information carefully so that your transition will be as smooth as possible. 

2023年秋季退房将于12月5日开始. 所有湖人堂和湖人的居民 Village must be moved out of their spring assignment by 12pm (noon) on December 12. We encourage all residents to plan their transportation around the dates and times provided as fees will be assessed to those still on campus after 12pm on December 12. 


  1. Remove all wall and ceiling decorations, including posters, personal mirrors and memo 董事会.  
  1. Return and reassemble all university furniture that was in your room upon arrival. All furniture must be returned to its original configuration prior to your check-out.  请注意 失踪是要收费的 
  1. Clean your room thoroughly, remove and properly dispose of all trash and other debris. 


  1. Be sure to complete a Clean-out Agreement with your roommates (these will be placed in the common area of your suite/ apartment for your convenience) 
  1. Be sure to pick up your express check out envelope from the 住房 Office or Laker Hall front Desk (this is to return your keys) 
  1. 记得保留好你的湖人队身份证 


Here are some helpful hints to make the process easier (and to help you avoid improper 退房费用!):  

  1. 早点开始,提前计划: take or send items home that you will not need for the rest of the year. 湖人的大厅 and 湖人村 close at 12 Noon on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. 

盒子: Find boxes to pack your belongings into to make the move easier and faster. 

垃圾: 垃圾 should be thrown away by placing trash into the  请注意 that there is a fee for trash removal should any be left behind in your room. 

食物银行: Donate your non-perishable, unopened food items to the Food Pantry by dropping off donations at the 大学的宿舍 office in 湖人村. 


Experiencing a hardship, but still need housing for Summer term? 

电子邮件: housing@克莱顿.edu


All Residents must attend at least one 住房 Closing meeting via Microsoft Teams. Refer to 住房 Newsletter in student email, website and social media pages for registration link. 

  • 日期待定??? 
  • 日期待定??? 
  • 日期待定??? 





Our mission is to provide a secure, affordable, and progressive living community through hands-on academic support, experiential learning, and unique leadership opportunities that enhances our students’ growth and development. 我们的住宅是关于社区 and creating an environment where you can feel secure relaxing and studying. 这是 why, unlike a lot of student-residence halls on college campuses, 克莱顿状态 steers 远离共用房间和公共浴室. 


(678) 466-home (4663)

(678) 466-5130

(770) 961-2000


湖人大厅- 770-681-2524 

湖人村- (678)435-4168